Testimonials - Learning Ladders Nursery

Learning Ladders Battersea Nursery


“Thank you for looking after me over the last 4 months. I have really enjoyed myself. Mummy can’t thank you enough, you’ve been fantastic, you are all very kind, loving, generous and thoughtful. I’ve had a fabulous time – as has ‘Big Ears’! You offer such a great learning environment.”

Lots of love Miele (Amelia) xxxx

“We are very thankful for the way you have looked after Jonathon since he was one year  old. We are all saying a very big thank you. And it will not be the end, we will be visiting you sometimes.”

With lots of love from Verissa, George & Jonathon

“Thank you for helping Joshua to settle in at the nursery this week, being his first week. The love and genuine kindness you show to the children gives me the confidence that he is in good hands. I do hope that this is the beginning of many happier days, weeks and months.”

God bless you all, Godvia & family

“On the first day we just didn’t want to leave Lucas. It was heartbreaking. I was saying to Ellie, maybe he’d be better off being at home. He’d been getting clingy and we thought he’s not going to enjoy it and he’s going to be difficult. But Carol and her team really took him in. They gave him loads of attention and he was smiling away in no time. SInce then he hasn’t looked back.”

Steffan, Eleanor & Lucas

“You have been an important element of Rhiannon’s and my life sine 27th February 1998. You have all given Rhiannon a stable and happy environment. This has helped me through some very difficult times and you have given me the support I have needed, especially when you were the only one’s who could give it.

I am lucky to have a happy, well-adjusted and intelligent child. This I feel is because of the stimulation, love and fun she has had throughout her time with you.

Thank you for giving Rhiannon such a solid start in her life, she has made friends with you – the staff and children. This will never be forgotten by her and myself, we will never be forgotten by her and myself, we will not forget you all.

I can’t put into real words what I feel – you know I’ll blub today and on any special day for Rhiannon. We will come and visit you often so you won’t get rid of us that quickly.”

With love & affection, Helen