Learning Ladders Nursery | First Steps | 3-5yrs

Learning Ladders Battersea Nursery


When the time is right your child will move from the Jellybabies room up into the Jellykins Room. The children have a structured day with a range of activities. We encourage our children to develop their social skills and to learn through play. We support them as they become more independent and learn how to communicate confidently.

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The Jellybeans Room is for 3-5 year olds. This room introduces our children to the idea of school. The 3-5 year olds follow the EYFS curriculum and are introduced to the 7 areas of learning.

The three prime areas are:

  • Communications and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

The four specific areas are:

  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts


We have our own cook and kitchen facilities at Learning Ladders which has been awarded a 5 star food hygiene rating. The menus vary and are displayed on the notice boards for parents to view. We cater for breakfast, lunch and tea and can accommodate a wide variety of special dietary needs so you can be sure your child will be well fed. Parents are asked to please bring formula milk.

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Child Safety and Medication

The safety of your baby and others is of primary importance. For this reason we ask you to not bring your baby to the nursery if the have a contagious disease as they can be a danger to other babies.

Please remember that when you bring in medication we need your signature to administer it. It is very important that we have clear instructions on dosages. We only administer long-term medication such as asthma pumps. We do not administer Calpol. We will give tail end of antibiotics.

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Dress Code and Extras

Please don’t dress your child in expensive designer clothes. Some of our activities can be messy! If necessary, bring a change of clothes, nappies and bibs. Children may need a coat for outdoor play and walks in the cold weather. There is no such thing as bad weather, it’s bad clothing!

Call us on 020 7622 9300 to discuss bringing your babies to Learning Ladders Battersea Nursery.