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Exclusions for Illnesses

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Below are listed the exclusions for illnesses for our centre. The exclusions listed may differ from the advice of a GP or health visitor.

Children given antibiotics need to be at home for 2 days and we can administer the remaining at the centre providing the child is well enough to return it is not automatic that they can return.

Medicines need to be prescribed and clearly labeled.

Children cannot be accepted if they have been sick or had diarrhoea during the night we cannot accept children back into the centre until they have had 24 hours clear.

Could you please be aware that we fully understand the pressures of work and college etc. but children can just be generally unwell and not able to withstand the daily routine of the centre. The centre staff are not trained nurses and we do not have the resources to give one on one care when children are unwell, children need to be at home where they can be closely monitored.

We would appreciate your co-operation when dealing with illnesses as we need to consider the wellbeing of all children as well as the staff whom without, the centre would have to close.

Children cannot be accepted if they have been given any form of temperature or pain relief medicine such as calpol as these can mask the symptoms of more serious illnesses such as meningitis.

We want to do all we can to make sure all staff and children remain as healthy as possible and your co-operation is needed.

Please be aware that medicines prescribed IE: 4 times a day may mean 4 times in 24 hours not 12 hours.

Please be sure you have completed all relevant medical forms at the centre to ensure we can administer medicines properly to your child.

The centre reserves the right to exclude babies and children if it is felt an infectious condition may be difficult to control due to the child’s age, or that it may pose an increased risk to others in the setting.

The list of exclusions does not list all illnesses; we have highlighted the most common. If your child is poorly with an illness that is not listed, please use your commonsense when deciding whether to bring your child to the nursery. Remember your childs illness maybe easily passed to the other children.

Please can you make sure you update the centre with any new contact numbers and inform staff of any additional immunizations so our records up to date. This information is very important for paramedics should your child ever need to go to hospital.

Reviewed 12th February 2013

This list is subject to change based on new information.

Chicken pox 7 to 10 days
Measles 10 days from onset of Illness
Mumps 10 days
Scarlet fever 7 days
Conjunctivitis 48 hours from start of medication
Ringworm 48 hours from start of medication and must be covered (if on the head oral antifungal is needed)
Diarrhoea seek medical advice 48 hours minimum (at least one day clear before returning to the centre)
Hand foot and mouth 5-7 days
Tonsillitis 5 days
Coughs seek medical advice and symptoms have gone
Cold seek medical advice and symptoms have gone
Head lice until treated and clear
Temperature until clear for 24 hours without medication
Sickness 48 hours after last episode of vomiting (at least one day clear before returning to the centre)
Impetigo 48 hours from start (must be covered)
Viruses until symptoms have gone